Are you Smarter than Einstein?

Let’s Play welcomes the Trivia Gurus from the Einstein Project to Let’s Play Friday June 30th!

Put your thinking cap on as you join the Einstein Project’s fun game of trivia using Kahoot. This interactive trivia contest of cranial command will pit you against others as well as the Trivia Gurus from the Einstein Project in a fast paced interactive trivia contest at Let’s Play Friday June 30th from 4 – 8 PM at Let’s Play.

Prepare your mind for some interesting science facts and challenging questions created by the young Einstein’s of tomorrow. Using your phone as your controller, you will be able to complete against other event guests and our team of Einstein gurus.

The Einstein Project is a S.T.E.M Educational Support Project that provides educators with the resources to give students quality education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Einstein Project Mission:

Elevating STEM education by enriching student learning and enhancing educator knowledge through interactive experiences.

Einstein Project Vision:

To lead and inspire excellence and innovation in education.

Einstein Project Core Values:

We believe in:

Respect: Embrace Our Mission and Use It as a Guide for All Decisions
Dedication: Deliver Extraordinary Education with Passion & Determination
Innovation: Drive & Embrace Change with an Open Mind
Collaboration: Strengthen Community Partnerships & Share Resources
Influence: Use our Expertise to Positively Impact Others
Fun: Infuse Creativity & Energy into Everything

For more information about the Einstein Project visit


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