Let’s Play welcomes Charles Urbach

Charles Urbach comes to Let’s Play!

Charles Urbach is a writer and colored pencil artist with more than two decades of work in design, publishing, and illustration. His work explores fantasy, science fiction, and surrealistic imagery by drawing on a rich tradition of spiritual, literary, and mythological sources.

Among Charles’ projects include miniatures designs for Wizkids: Heroclix, illustrations for “Magic: The Gathering,” “Legend of the Five Rings,” and artwork for many games including “Infinite City,” “Noble Treachery,” “A Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars,” “Call of Cthulhu,” and “Lord of the Rings,” among a multitude of others. His work has won awards at major conventions, including Gen Con, DragonCon, Origins, ConVergence, MarCon, and events across the world.

For more about Charles, visit: www.charlesurbach.com or find him on Facebook, at: https://www.facebook.com/charles.urbach



Charles will be hosting several seminars at Let’s Play 2017

Colored Pencils Techniques for Illustration and Adult Coloring – Charles Urbach
1 PM Saturday – Main Programming (Here’s the Map)

Illustrator, Charles Urbach presents an introduction to colored pencils as a professional art medium, with techniques you can also use in adult coloring. Charles, who uses colored pencils exclusively, will discuss and demonstrate with the pencils to broaden your skill set, pushing the boundaries of what you can do & how you think about colored pencils.

Illustration for Games & Publishing – Charles Urbach
3 PM Saturday Seminar Room 1 (Here’s the Map)

The inside scoop on how art is created for professional projects. A step by step introduction to what it’s like to work on a project in the tabletop gaming and publishing industries.  Discussion will include work on properties like Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars, and other well-known franchises.


Building a Better Art Portfolio – Charles Urbach
1 PM Sunday – Main Programming (Here’s the Map)

The basics of building a professional art portfolio for work in the tabletop gaming and publishing industries. A general overview, with one on one portfolio discussion possible based on seminar attendance.

Charles will also have limited edition prints, playmats and other items available for sale in his booth in the Vendor Hall.

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