Cosplay Contest Rules

Let’s Play 2017 Cosplay Contest Summary and Rules

If you would like to strut your stuff on stage and show off your hard work, Let’s Play would be proud to have you as a contestant and/or presenter at our 2017 Cosplay Contest: All convention attendees in costumes, garb or cosplay are encouraged to enter and participate.

  • The number of entries will be capped. This is to keep our contest from going over our allotted time so the rest of our programming tracks stay on schedule.
    • Sign up will be open until 2pm on Saturday (our contest is currently scheduled for 4pm on Saturday) or until all available slots are filled.
  • All entered Costumes/Garb/Cosplay must adhere to Let’s Play 2017’s Cosplay Guidelines.
  • Contestants may enter by themselves or as a group.
  • Entrants can enter to win in either OR both of the following categories:
    • Craftsmanship
    • Performance
  • Craftsmanship
    • To qualify to compete for a Craftsmanship award, the outfit being entered must be more than 50% made or altered by the wearer or an attending creator (if the wearer is a child or serving as a model).
    • Craftsmanship levels are as follows, but Cosplay Contest staffers and judges can and will move entrants between levels if they see fit.
      • Beginner: for first-timer creators or newbie cosplay contest entrants
      • Advanced: for seasoned costumers and cosplayers with several projects and a few competitions under their belts
      • Expert:  for those who costume or create pieces professionally or have won several awards and competitions prior
    • To be judged for the craftsmanship of your costume, you must attend a judging session prior to the Cosplay Contest. Information on when/where these judging sessions will be held will be posted at convention registration. Other questions can be addressed to the Cosplay Contest Head.
  • Performance
    • An entrant is NOT REQUIRED to have made any part of their costume to enter Performance.
    • Performances can be as simple as a walk on stage to pose and show off an outfit but can include skits, singing, dancing etc.
    • Performances should be a MAXIMUM of 2 minutes long. Any longer and the MC can and will cut you off politely to keep the show moving.
    • Microphones will be available for those who wish to speak. If a performance requires music or has been pre-recorded please bring your music segment in MP3 format on a flash drive.

Any additional questions can be addressed to the Let’s Play 2017 Cosplay Contest Head on site, or prior to the event by email at

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