Cosplay Contest

Cosplay & Cosplay Contest at Let’s Play

Let’s Play 2017 Cosplay Guidelines

Let’s Play encourages cosplay for everyone and we can’t wait to see what our attendees will wear to our 2017 show! Whether you’re a professional, a seasoned pro or a new cosplay fanatic in the making: our doors are open to your gowns, garments and garb. We will have a few, basic, rules posted to keep everyone safe. Those will be posted on the website as our content is finalized.

If competing and strutting some stuff on stage is your thing make sure to watch out for announcements to come about our Cosplay Contest! If education, techniques and discussion is more your scene, keep your eyes peeled for our events programming as it’s posted. If you are a cosplay-pro and are interested in running a panel about your craft please email our panel and programming staff. Any other questions concerning cosplay or the cosplay contest can be addressed by the cosplay department head.  E-mail:  tappytoeclaws@gmail.com

Let’s Play Events supports all kinds of costumes and cosplay for everybody, but just to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable we have some basic guidelines.

  • No costume is NO COSTUME. Our event occurs in a public setting and all rules of general public decency apply. If your costume or cosplay shows any body parts you could not show in another public venue, you cannot wear it here.
  • Let’s Play 2017 is an all-ages, family friendly event. No costumes or cosplays may feature, display or depict any lewd or obscene images, nor may they contain any profane or derogatory language.
  • Our event is inside and many hallways may become crowded or congested. Please keep this in consideration when choosing costumes that may have large armor pieces, long capes or trains.
  • Any prop weaponry must be checked and (potentially) peace-bound for your safety and that of others. All firearm props and must be marked with an orange safety tip and have the trigger mechanism disabled or removed. Depending on the size and materials of a weapon’s construction, Let’s Play staff reserves the right to ask you to return any props to your hotel room or vehicle.
  • Let’s Play Staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the convention space if the costume or cosplay they are wearing violates any of the above rules. We ask only that you cooperate with us to make our convention space safe for all attendees and remove the offending pieces, garment or change back into everyday wear. No event badges will be confiscated unless our requests are refused.
  • Please make an attempt to step to the side of hallways and out of crowded thoroughfares while taking or posing for pictures.
  • Let’s Play Events and its staff are not responsible for any damages to costume pieces or props worn to Let’s Play 2017.

Would you like to be a Let’s Play 2017 Featured Cosplayer?

Let’s Play Events is looking for a few awesome individuals who are seasoned cosplayers and costumers to come to our event. Bring your A-game and help us put on a great show! We are looking for people interested in running demos, panels and assisting with judging our Cosplay Contest.
All featured cosplayers and costumers will receive free badges and have their bios and professional pages linked on our website. We will also have a table available for your business cards and to sell any prints or wares that you would like to bring to our event.

Please fill out the form below and email it to our the head of our Cosplay Dept at tappytoeclaws@gmail.com